Targets Creators is a cutting edge training company. Our instructors are former special forces officers with vast combat-experienced, seasoned Instructors with comprehensive knowledge in tactical and sporst shooting. We train both civilians and uniformed services (police, army) and have state of the art training equipment configured in accordance with global standards of special forces.


Targets Creators is formed by former officers of the Polish Special Forces Units. They are combat element commanders, experienced combat and sport shooting instructors. They have gathered their experience over 18 years in combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan while operating with soldiers of the best special forces units around the world. They have been repeatedly awarded the highest military decorations for valor and courage during the conduct of special operations. They trained professionals from special forces units of the army and police both in Poland and abroad. During their military service, their classes hosted soldiers from US Green Berets and Navy SEALS. They are certified instructors of the famous US SIG SAUER ACADEMY. Read more about the founders of TC here.


We teach tactical and sport shooting in accordance with international training standards. From sports we draw optimization and motoric intelligence and from the special forces tactics we draw reliable and proven techniques that work in all conditions.

During our training sessions you will have a chance to shoot pistol and rifle configured according to the latest special forces standards and undergo force-on-force training on real weapons with UTM ammunition.


This training is designed for people who want the instructor to focus solely on them and give them 100% of their time and attention. With this approach, you can achieve your goals, in a short period of time, and feel at ease without peer pressure.

Personal training is the best choice both for people who want to take their first steps with shooting, or need to correct their habits and reflexes as well as for experienced shooters who want to reach a higher level.

We provide a shooting range, weapons (pistol and rifle), ammunition and full individual equipment configured to the client’s needs while being in accordance with special forces standards.

See our weapons here.


We have a unique offer for groups – training in the tactical use of pistol and rifle combined with force-on-force tactical training, with real weapons configured to use UTM dye ammunition. This is a unique opportunity for tactical training in the field, which reflects the realism of the battlefield. We conduct such training for both experienced and complete beginner groups of shooters.


  • Guidance and lessons given by Instructors with extensive combat experience
  • Individual approach to each participant
  • Rental of the most modern, specialized individual equipment according to the standards of special forces units, Check our weapons here (link to the weapons – copied Polish page)
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Maximum realistic shooting situations during „force on force” training,
  • Great food,
  • Training photos,
  • Transportation to the shooting range,
  • Certificate for each participant,
  • We cooperate with training facilities throughout Poland – you choose the region, we choose the shooting range.

The price of group training depends on the time, the number of people, the shooting range and the scope of the training – for a quote use our contact form.


Whenever and (almost) wherever you want.

In order to determine the date and scope of the training, fill out the form – you will be contacted by one of our specialists and together you will choose the best training option, date and location.

We train at many shooting ranges throughout Poland, we have branches in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan.


Safety first and foremost! Our priority is to always ensure safety during classes.

We begin each training session with a familiarization of safety rules and first aid training.

We have been training soldiers, police and civilians of all levels for more than a dozen years and tap into this experience while conducting our training units.




Major Damian Matkowski MATKA – until recently – a Training Division Officer of the Commando Military Unit, founder of Targets Creators.

He gained experience performing special operations in military missions of various threats and legal status, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He has trained both conventional and special elements overseas (he was, among other things, chief advisor to the commander of the Afghan Police Special Forces Training Center). In addition, both in Poland and in Europe, the US and the Middle East, he underwent a number of training courses on planning, preparation and direct combat against 21st century threats. He has completed numerous courses at professional foreign centers obtaining various professional qualifications – including the prestigious Master Pistol and Rifle Instructor course at SIG SAUER Academy.

In the Commando Military Unit, he held combat and training positions. He served in two Combat Teams as commander of major task elements such as the Section and Special Group and the specialized Support Group. Then, as Head of the Base Training Course – constantly refining the formula for this 12-month-long, most difficult training phase in the service of a special unit soldier – he held a key position influencing the training of future Combat Team Operators (Special Forces Operator). He ended his service as head of the „selection” commonly known as the first murderous stage of qualifying a candidate for the Special Forces Combat Team.

Repeatedly decorated and awarded for his command (management) of task force combat elements in the real fight against terrorism, including but not limited to the apprehension and neutralization of individuals on the so-called Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL) a list of the most wanted, dangerous criminals and terrorists. For the capture in 2012 of the highest ranking individual target in the history of the Polish army, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Military Cross (highest peacetime designation No. 041) by the President of Poland.


Major Maciej Malecki MODI – until recently – an officer of the Commando Military Unit. Co-founder of Targets Creators.

In addition to commanding a section and a special group, during his service he extensively learned training methodologies, thus building a broad instructor’s workshop. During his service in the JWK he had the opportunity to plan and participate in many challenging special operations in the most demanding corners of Afghanistan. He trained instructors, operators and specialized subunits of the army and police at home and abroad collecting knowledge and experience from partners around the world for his workshop.

In the JWK, he was a distinguished officer in the field of Special Forces marksmanship, shooting training being his hobby. During his service he gained knowledge in many centers, among others at the renowned SIG SAUER Academy in the USA, where he completed the SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL INSTRUCTOR and PATROL RIFLE INSTRUCTOR courses. He expanded his workshop by training with civilian subjects such as six-time IPSC world champion Erick Grauffel. He completed the Special Forces Advance Urban Combat course organized by the US Special Forces.
He pays special attention to optimizing movements and fighting against time by creating new complex solutions affecting the soldier’s advantage in real combat. He believes in the theory that speed is the result of the fluidity of conscious, consecutive movements.
Thanks to his fluency in English, he served in the international command of SOAG (Special Operation Advisory Group) in Afghanistan.


Lieutenant Wojciech Łacny ŁASUCH – until recently – an officer serving in the Combat Team of the Commando Military Unit. Co-founder of Targets Creators.

During his eighteen years of service in the special forces unit, he specialized in training of tactics, marksmanship, breaching and weapon modification.
He gained his experience and training skills while serving in the JWK. He ran three tours in Iraq and four tours in Afghanistan, where he supported the operations of special forces and the counter-terrorist police.

He regularly trained Polish soldiers and police officers, as well as soldiers of coalition forces from the United States, Slovakia or Lithuania. He participated in many domestic and foreign courses and trainings such as Pistol Development, Patrol Rifle Instructor conducted at the Sig Sauer Academy, Special Forces Advance Urban Combat training organized by US Special Forces.

The experience gained from training various formations and nations both at home and on missions makes him an uncommonly versatile trainer. The methodology he has developed over the years and his ability to diagnose problems allow him to reach every trainee regardless of level. His years of training foreign formations and his STANAG 6001 certification (level III) also allow him to freely provide tactical and shooting training in English.
He has received numerous awards for his operational and training activities. He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery and courage during a special operation to apprehend a terrorist on the Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL). For conducting a special operation in Afghanistan’s Helmand province in 2020, he received one of the highest U.S. combat decorations awarded to coalition forces – the Bronze Star.


Captain Pawel Kaczmarek KACZY – until recently the Assault Team Leader of B Squadron of the Special Mission Unit GROM

He gained his 20 years of military experience as a professional soldier in the Support Squadron, and then as a weapon sergeant in  C Squadron in the 1st Special Forces Regiment (Commando Military Unit). In 2011, he was drafted into Special Mission Unit GROM, where he served for the first few years in the B Squadron in Gdansk as a breacher, then continued to serve as a sniper, deputy team commander and team leader in the Sniper Group and Assault Group. He has been deployed several times as part of the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Iraq.

Kaczy is a true flesh-and-blood enthusiast, involved in military circles and martial arts from an early age, a perfectionist and idealist type with a wide-eyed view of Special Forces development issues.

Initiator, author and co-author of handbooks on Shooting Training, Sniper Training and Guidebook for Commander of Special Operations Teams in SMU GROM.

A graduate and participant of numerous training courses ranging from explosives through evidence collection courses to specialized sniper training courses including Todd Hoddnett Accuracy 1st in Texas and the International Sniper Workshop – Angle and High Wind Shooting in Switzerland, in 2016. He has also completed Master Pistol Instructor, and Master Rifle Instructor courses at the famous American Sig Sauer Academy.

He is certified as a Combat Diver, a Military Free Fall, and is also a self-defense instructor, as well as an instructor of the military close-quarters combat system and a second-class trainer of sport shooting.

He took part in escorting and securing the visits of the President and the Prime Minister with government delegations to Ukraine as part of his tasks in support of the State Protection Service.

He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, third in the US hierarchy, the Iraqi Special Operations Badge Order and in 2023 the U.S. Army Achievement Medal. For his exemplary service as an operator and commander, he was awarded the GROM Gold Badge.


Senior Petty Officer Szymon Makowski MAKU

He began his military service in 2007 in the Representative Battalion of the Polish Army. Later, in the Commando Military Unit, he was assigned to Combat Team B to the special combat divers group. Throughout his service in the JWK, he was trained as a breacher. In 2015, already as a member of the special group, he was deployed to Afghanistan for another rotation, where he was in charge of shooting and tactical training of soldiers from the Afghan ATF 444 unit. He completed survival and combat training in tropical climates in French Guiana, followed by similar training in the Arctic Circle at the Swedish Special Forces Training Center.

He completed Special Forces Advance Urban Combat training organized by the US Special Forces and the SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL INSTRUCTOR and PATROL RIFLE INSTRUCTOR courses at SIG SAUER ACADEMY. After his third deployment to Afghanistan, he was awarded the U.S. Army Military Achievement Medal and the Joint Service Achievement Medal given for achievements in combat. He was awarded the Afghanistan Star four times. In December 2020, he transferred to JW Formosa, where he took up a position on the sniper support group in Combat Team B. He completed the sniper course at the Special Forces Training Center with distinction and held a sniper position in the Unit until the end of his service.